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WELCOME students to Blackfoot Heritage Sixth Grade. As you begin a new school year, take time to think about and set goals for the coming school year. Our mascot is the Bronco, and our school motto is “Making the Right Tracks”. School colors are green, white and black. You will find a dedicated faculty and staff at Blackfoot Heritage Sixth Grade. Each member of the staff is eager to do all they can to help you make the most of your school year. 
We strive to provide the best educational experience possible for you. We feel our students are the best, because you are the best! We want you to be proud to be a BHSG student. Our goal is to strive for excellence and work until we're proud! We invite you to join us in this effort. Put forth your best effort and many positive things will come your way. The school year will be as good as you make it!
Our Philosophy

Blackfoot Heritage Sixth Grade will provide a safe learning environment where classroom discipline is maintained. Basic values are taught in ways which meet the special and personal needs of the students. Building on basic curriculum and communication skills required in elementary school, students will
explore expanded curriculum using  technology. Students will be taught the importance of responsible citizenship. They will become more self directed in preparation for high school and entrance into the

Our Mission

“Opening doors for lifelong success through education.”

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